Angelo Mungcal – Personal Trainer

Angelo has taken the best of boxing, kickboxing, bootcamp training and martial arts and in 2003 he produced the Bootbox program. His passion for health and fitness has driven him to use his skills, experience, background and his creative imagination to provide a fun and dynamic fitness program.

The obesity epidemic was clearly on the rise and it became increasingly obvious to Angelo, through his work as a personal trainer and health and wellness consultant with individuals and companies, that it was not just the physical aspects he needed to focus on but rather the psychological aspect of how the individual was programmed to think, which ultimately determined the way they behaved.

Angelo’s decision to create the Triumph Personal Development Coaching program in 2009 was a breakthrough to many of the answers he was looking for. Angelo’s passion has inspired, influenced, motivated and empowered many people. He loves helping people rise above and beyond their current ways of thinking by creating a shift in focus and imprint a healthy mind set to achieve consistent and long lasting change.

He empowers people both physically and psychologically to get out of their comfort zone and breakthrough the boundaries of their current ways of thinking in order to be triumphant and create extraordinary results. This inevitably helps people live their desired fitness and healthy lifestyle.

What separates Angelo from the rest of the professionals is that he continually improves his knowledge and skills in order to help clients more effectively to create life-changing results. What empowers Angelo is equipping his clients with the tools, strategies and belief to help them achieve and live the healthy lifestyle they desire.

Contact Angelo

M: 0434 542 993