Sharon Disney – Personal Trainer

My aim as your Personal Trainer is to help you reach your full potential. The key to your success is in your own hard work and dedication but it is my job to give you the knowledge and motivation to get you there.

If fat loss was easy to achieve, 63% of Australians wouldn’t be overweight or obese.. and this statistic is the reason why I originally got into PT.

So often do you hear people say they are trying to lose weight / tone up, but rarely do they hit their targets. Whether it be because they trained in the wrong way for their goal, ate the wrong foods or their version of getting in shape was spending hours on cardio machines at low-mid intensities.. people need help, as a country we are doing something seriously wrong.

The commitment to be your best takes discipline and inner drive to constantly push yourself beyond your comfort levels. Whether your goals are weight loss, to build muscle or are sports specific, I will help steer you in the right direction, help you break your bad habits, keep you on track when you feel like you’re wavering and make sure you’re getting the most out of each training session.

I am not here to make it easy, I’m here to make it possible!

Contact Sharon

M: 0414 333 115