Kim Golds – Kombatan Arnis

I first met Andy Elliott at Fernwood Gymnasium in approx 1998, where I was railroaded into watching a Women’s Self Defence promotion, where Andy proceeded to demonstrate how a woman could defend herself against an  attacker who was intent on rape and against knife threats.

This made me want to ‘meet my fears’. I enrolled in MSSD self defence classes participating in beginners class to advanced, intermediate & weapons classes.

Andy then asked me to be his female self defence instructor.  In this capacity I have aided Andy in Seminars with the Australian Federal Police, The Finnish Community & VECCI, and many other self defence  classes including private  classes with Muslim women & a Seminar with the Greensborough View Club.

I am founding member No. 5 of Kombatan Australia and Kombatan Australia’s 1st Official female Black Belt

I have attended 3 Philippine World Camps & have trained under the late Great Grandmaster, Ernesto Presas Snr, & also Grand Master Ernesto Presas Jnr.

I have accompanied Grandmaster Andy Elliott to New Zealand where I assisted in training & Seminars, & I have had the pleasure &  good fortune to train with many renowned & talented martial artists from all over the world.

I have been instructing Kombatan Arnis for approx 8 years from beginner class to black belt classes and currently instruct the ‘kids’ classes on Saturday mornings.

My favourite quotes: ‘Acknowledge it  and move on’. Or ‘That is not a feather duster you have in your hands’!

I am Kim Golds and I have attained the rank of Dayang Tatlo – Black Belt 3rd Dan

kim golds