Advanced Conflict Training

Imagine the scene: At the end of a long day at the office, you’re relaxing at home with your family. Suddenly, your normally quiet dog is barking madly and there’s a crash as your front door is kicked in. You see two strangers burst into your house, holding guns. Before you can even make sense of the situation, one screams at you:
“Take us to your safe! Do it now, or we’ll kill you”

Take a moment to think: What would you give to turn back time?
What would you change to prevent this from happening?
Your answer might well be: Anything! I don’t care what it costs. Nothing is as important to me as my family’s safety.

The hard truth is you need to stop being complacent. You need to take responsibility right now. You can’t afford to believe someone else will always be there to protect you.

Why ACT?

Outwitting and outsmarting an attacker is far more effective than physical contact. For this reason, ACT has developed a ground-breaking program that transcends traditional self-defence thinking and focuses on revolutionary techniques to prevent physical confrontation.

Just as criminals dedicate their time to plan a crime, you also need to commit time to plan for your own and your family’s safety, as well as those you work with. In so doing, you’ll equip yourself with the inner strength and confidence to save lives when it matters most.

In this way ACT offers value way beyond the cost. It might well mean the difference between life and death – making it an invaluable program for every Australian serious about their safety.

In the increasingly violent context of our daily lives, it is essential to overcome the belief that someone else is always going to be there to protect you. It is not the police, an alarm, armed response or security company, but you as an individual who is your first line of defence. All of these may be good options but until help arrives, it is you who needs to deal with the situation as it evolves.

Remember: you live with the consequences of your decisions and your actions.