Kombatan Arnis

Kombatan Arnis is geared towards today’s busy people who want to learn a combative martial art with real and valuable self-defence skills within a shorter time frame. We take a scientific approach to instruction and years of research and development allows us to teach the most effective techniques and strategies. All of our Instructors are internationally trained directly under late Great Grand Master Ernesto Presas.

It is our goal to provide an effective practice of self-defence through a teaching program that starts you on the path of improved self-defence capabilities right away. The Philippine martial art Kombatan Arnis has proven methods of defensive tactics used by Filipino Police officers and citizens themselves to protect their homelands. This style is based more on self-defence techniques and practicality, utilizing sticks or weapons just as extensions of your hands, applying the same principles using an umbrella, walking stick, a pen or just your bare hands for the same very effective self-defence maneuvers.

Kombatan Arnis is not a sport art, but rather an effective three-dimensional street art descended from Kali – a very unique martial art that originated in the Philippines over 1000 years ago. Kombatan Arnis differs greatly from other martial arts in that it covers all ranges of conflict: weapons, kicking, punching, and grappling which involve the use of combative hands, feet, blades, and sticks.

Refer to Grandmaster Andy Elliott’s instructional videos of Kombatan Arnis and an overview with Grandmaster Ernesto G Presas Jr.